Joe Strummer live in New York City

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros live Virgin Times Square, New York - July, 24 2001. This in-store gig was part of a tour promoting "Global A Go-Go." I apologize for the jumpy shots and other acts of randomness. These kind of things happen when one doesn't have a tripod and is standing in the back.

A small tribute to a great man.


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video (mov)

cool 'n' out (3.8 MB)
global a go go (6.9 MB)
mega bottle ride (4.4 MB)
the harder they come (4.4 MB)


audio (mp3)

cool 'n' out
global a go-go
shaktar donetsk
johnny appleseed
bummed out city
mega bottle ride
bhindi bhagee
mondo bongo
the harder they come


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